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Weather in Cassone (Malcesine)

Given the shape of the mountains surrounding the lake, the weather in Cassone and North Garda is subject to unique features, making macroscopic forecasts provided by the media or by specialized sites often unreliable.Monte Baldo, with its 2000 meters, deflects winds coming from the west and allows for sunny and windy days ideal for sailing even when general forecasts are adverse.Please find below some professional weather forecasts.
Please find below some professional weather forecasts.

Spaghetti Cassone di Malcesine

Meteo europa

Meteogramma vento medio garda

Meteo Malcesine

Bollettino Alto Garda e Ledro
Spaghetti per Cassone di Malcesine
Speghetti Cassone di Malcesine
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